Hi! I`m Book Geek, the creator of this website. I want to use it to express my opinion on the books I read as well as listen to your opinions and recommendations. I would be very grateful if you shared this website with any other books lovers.

I feel as though there aren’t many places on the internet where book lovers like me can get opinions about the books that we read. I hope this site becomes useful to you in any way, persuading you to read a certain book you have thought about reading for a long time. I also hope that the other opinions in the comments help you on your way to choose the right book, or even discover a new genre that you fall in love with.

This website is a working progress, so don’t worry if the themes or anything change the next time you come on. I want to build this website to the best it can be and engage with other book lovers in the comments.

Thank-you for reading and I hope to see you comment your own opinion of the books, any recommendations of books are welcome as well as website improvements. 🙂 x