I know I haven’t payed much attention to my blog lately but that’s about to change. I’ve got a lot going on at the moment and I think it would be interesting to write it up every so often and fill you guys in; hopefully helping some of you guys along the way.

The third book in the GOL series is very relevant to my life right now, connecting to many different characters in many different ways. The real reason why I love this book so much is because the characters are so easy to relate to as they too are facing the every day problems that many of us readers are going through. I’m sure Zoe does that intentionally to help her readers and fans as much as possible.

When reading this book I could tell that Zoe had written it. I see so many parts of Zoe in the books she writes, I know she insists that the books are totally fictional but I can clearly tell that some things are written from things she has experienced/seen. For example, Noah’s new flat in Brighton, that’s totally Zoe’s old flat back at the sea front! The descriptions summed up perfectly. Because these fictional things are written from real life experiences it helps picture them in my mind (so I could totally see Noah living in Zoe’s old apartment)

I am so glad that this third books shows us how Penny (and everyone around her) is growing up because it feels as if I’m growing up with her. Many people say the same thing to me but about Harry Potter, and I never knew what they meant, `till now of course.

This book not only teaches us that growing up is a hard part of life but it teaches us that we can’t run away from things like anxiety and stage fright, we have to push through them. The whole series puts out these messages but I think that it really came through in this last book.

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about this book, making my predictions and telling you guys what my hopes were for this book. And now, having read the book, I am not disappointed AT ALL. It is definitely my favourite book in the series and I am so happy that this book turned out better than I was expecting.

What do you guys think about the third book? What was your favourite part?

Book Geek xx  🙂 ❤

PS. Thanks for the great blogging tips Zo xx