Okay… I know this book isn’t out yet but Zoe revealed more or less what the story is about on her second channel (MoreZoella). SPOILERS FROM THE SECOND BOOK DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED IT!!!

I was very disappointed when I realised that Noah and Penny don’t get back together after the ending of the second book. I was convinced since I finished reading it that they would be back together and the third book would be more about Penny’s career in photography.

I mean sure the third book will be probably be good but I feel as though I won’t enjoy it as much as I have the first two books. I fell in love with the quirky relationship Noah and Penny had. I loved the way they connected. I’m all about that happy ending and I feel as though number three won’t be the happy ending I was hoping for.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting them to get married and have children and live happily ever after. But I want to be able to expect something nice for them both, as more than friends.

The little I know about Girl Online Going Solo makes me nervous because I do not want it to ruin the other books or the relationship they have in the other books. Nevertheless, I will still read it and of course still support Zoe in whatever she does with the series.

I hope Zoe feels the same way as me and lets there be a happy ending. I’m not too sure whether this book will ruin the series or make it. Trusting Zoe to do the thing I think most of us want her to do with the book, I think she will do it.

Zoe has never let us down with anything and I am pretty sure she won’t start now. I want there to be the happy ending I want but I will also respect whatever Zoe writes. It’s her book and she has the freedom to write whatever she wants and wanting to be an author myself, I think it’s the best thing anyone can have- the freedom of being able to write a novel the way you want it.

I will do a proper review once I’ve read the book to see how my opinion changes after. 🙂