Me Before You- Jojo Moyes 2012 Review.


I recently finished this book, yes I do know I’m 4 years late. Anyway, I found this book really enjoyable. I think Jojo Moyes wrote it perfectly, keeping me interested all throughout the book, I would like to read some of her other stuff like, The Girl You Left Behind. I didn’t watch the movie before I read the book because I didn’t want to picture the actors as I was reading, I wanted to get my own interpretation of the characters and the scenery around them, and the way that this book was written helps me do that.

I would recommend this book to the right people, by this I mean, if you are more into fairy tale endings and fantasy books then DO NOT read it!!! It is a romantic tragedy with a hint of comedy.

The relationship between Lou and Will is amazing. At first I would have considered it more as a friendship but as the book nears the last few chapters I adapt more to the fact that it is more of a romantic relationship. I wanted them to be together so badly. Another character who I enjoyed reading about was Nathan, I constantly found myself wanting Nathan to be part of what was happening, in most cases he was. I loved the way he was there for Lou just as much as he was for Will.

Concerning the big bit in Mauritius, I was hoping it was sort of a what happens there stays there sort of thing, I didn’t realise Lou was going to hold onto it so long, although I do understand why she did. I would actually like to know what happened to Mrs.T outside the airport.

I honestly didn’t think that she was going to make it to Switzerland. And instead of Georgina being there I thought it would be nicer if Nathan was there, it would have shown more of what Georgina was being portrait as and after Mauritius we don’t hear about Nathan.

I have actually pre-ordered the sequel to this book, After You. And I can’t wait to read it.

Overall Me Before You is one of the best books I have read, it is beautifully written and the relationship between the main characters is amazing.


Characters 1-10= 10

Story Line 1-10= 10

Emotion 1-10= 10,000,000

Overall 1-10= 10

Any recommendations and opinions are welcome in the comments. 🙂


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